Newborn Photography Perth | Baby Photography Perth


Newborn Photography Perth | Baby Photography Perth

As you sit looking at the screen feeling somewhat tired, maybe a little uncomfortable due to the size of your growing belly, or you’ve just had your precious baby and your body is still in recovery, just think back to when you discovered you were pregnant…. I’d like to bet it feels like ages ago!  Do you remember all the fine details on how your body changed? Can you picture those changes in detail now?  Ummm it’s hard isn’t it?   What about your baby…. think about their face, their ever so tiny body, tiny toes, tiny finger nails, gorgeous button nose, beautiful pink lips. Do you really want those most special visuals to become distant memories that you will never see so small like that again?  It’s almost heart breaking to think about.

Now… imagine the pride hanging in your home; graceful, warm, natural works of art of your very own cherished baby.  When you look at that stunning artwork you are transported back to that emotion, that overwhelming feeling of love you felt in the hours spent watching them in their first few weeks. That to me is worth our investment, its irreplaceable, its priceless!

That’s why I become a newborn photographer, I want all of us mummies and daddies to always be able to hold on to that feeling and our visuals and not just try our best to remember.







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I specialise in newborn photography, my north of the river Perth studio is styled and tailored for newborn babies.  A baby’s first year is incredible with so much growth and so much change they don’t look the same for very long, which is why I feel so strongly about being a newborn photographer for Perth families.  I love watching my little newborns make the transition from newborn baby to one year old! which is why as well as newborn photos I also offer baby photo sessions, there are four different times that a professional photo session works so well.  The first of course is newborn photography, I prefer to photograph them between 7 – 12 days, the second great time is around 4 months of age, they are smiling beautifully at this age, the third time is a 6-9 month photo session which is best when your baby is sitting comfortably on their own (usually between 6 & 9 months) and then we come to the big first birthday cake smash photo session celebration or for those of you not interested in a messy cake there is a fun baby session with balloons, bubbles, hide and seek and water in the tub photos.   Lets also capture your amazing baby bump with a maternity photos – I know that we don’t all like the look of ourselves whilst pregnant, but my goodness our bodies are amazing! and that beautiful belly of yours is protecting the most amazing little being, and thats certainly worth capturing, even if it’s just for your eyes only! just think a beautiful, elegant image framed and hung on your bedroom wall – Stunning!

I know booking a newborn photographer is big deal, in fact it’s a huge deal, you’ve got to find someone you believe is the right fit; trust, honesty, compassion!  –  if you think that could be me, then give me a call, lets have a chat and get to know one another a little better.

Speak soon,

Kerry xx

Call: 0421 122 961