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Cake Smash photos Perth | Tahj

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Meet Tahj celebrating his 1st birthday.  His mum Lauren brought along the cake for Tahj to ‘smash’, and he really loved being in the bath after having a great time with the cake.


blue cake for a one year old

Cake Smash photos Perth | Eden

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Baby Eden, OMG you melt my heart!  such a gorgeous and happy little girl (as long as mum was sitting close by lol) Eden certainly preferred the close presents of her mummy, as soon as mum Kirsten tried to move to far away Eden would start to cry, although you would think that looking at these big happy relaxed smiles 🙂


pink smash the cake photos in perth with baby girl Eden

Cake Smash photos Perth | Harrison

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This is the third time ive photographed Harrison in the past 12 months – how lucky am I !   This super sweet baby boy first came in for his newborn photos session and then his ten month baby photos and now of course his cake smash photos.  Looove this kid:)


cake smash photos for baby boy

Cake Smash photography Perth | Hudson

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Meet Hudson at 11 months of age, an early birthday celebration for this gorgeous boy.


perth cake smash blue decorations 11 month old Hudson

Cake Smash Photography Perth | Aria

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Aria at 11 months of age thoroughly enjoying her cake.  Goodness me she is just soooo adorable!


pink cake smash 11 month old girl

Cake smash photos Perth | Hudson

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Look at this sweetheart of a boy, he’s so lucky to have two awesome mummies whom adorable him.  Was such a pleasure to have the three of you in the studio.



cake smash photos in perth


Cake Smash photography Perth | Lara

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Happy Birthday sweet Lara, 1 today and looking so pretty in pink for her first birthday cake smash celebrations.


first birthday cake smash photos girl

Cake smash photography Perth | Cameron

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Cameron turned one and had an amazing time celebrating partying it up with green balloons and a green cake. Yummo


green cake smash cake baby boy in perth

Cake Smash photos Perth | Maddison

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Here’s Maddison on her first birthday – what an awesome way to celebrate, cake, balloons a beautiful dress and lots of pink!  Happy birthday Maddison


Cake smash photos perth 1st birthday girl

Cake Smash photos Perth | Aurora

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Happy Birthday to Aurora, Big celebration in the photo studio for Aurora’s 1st birthday with a beautiful large pink birthday cake.  This baby girl was a pleasure to photograph and she actually sat for while without moving which is unusual for a 1 year old, whom are quite often quick to crawl off in any direction.  Hope you had a great party sweet girl.


first birthday cake pink rosette frosting cake smash

Cake Smash Photography Perth | Austin

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Meet baby Austin,  this little boy seriously melts my heart, he is such an expressive boy and wow look at those eyes!!  I met him one year ago for his newborn photos.


Cake smash for baby boy in perth with balloons

Cake Smash Photos Perth | Avi

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Happy first birthday baby boy Avi!  How much did you loooove your cake?  Nothing better than being able to smash and eat cake on your birthday.


birthday boy cake smash photos

Cake Smash photos Perth | Sienna

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Sienna has just turned one, mum Kirby choose a plain white backdrop for the session.  Happy birthday Sienna, gorgeous girl xx


cake smash photos in perth

Cake smash photos Perth | Eva

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Happy first Birthday to Eva.  Eva’s mum, Judith choose background decorations for Eva’s cake smash.


baby girl cake smash photos perth

Cake Smash photos Perth | Gabriella

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Gabriella loved her cake and made a right old mess with it. Well done Gabriella and Happy Birthday to you princess.


Cake smash photos in perth baby girl one year old

Cake smash photography Perth | Charlotte

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girls cake smash photos with background decorations

Cake Smash photography Perth | Lilah

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Happy 1st Birthday Lilah


Cake smash photos perth girl 1 year

Cake smash photos Perth | Serena

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Meet Serena who is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday in a few weeks. Serena liked to touch everything during her photo session and although she really enjoyed her cake she seemed to get a little bit bored and decided she wanted to play with the balloons the flags and the streamers as well. Happy 1st birthday Serena I hope you and your family and friends have a great time celebrating at your party.



Cake smash photos Perth | Bailey

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Bailey has just turned one and wow did she like her cake smash cake!  She was thoroughly enjoying it thats for sure.  Happy 1st birthday Bailey, enjoy the sneak peek.



Cake smash photos Perth | Radin

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Happy 1st birthday to Radin,  Such a beautiful smily baby boy, it was quite difficult to get him interested in the cake smash cake because he only had eyes for dad.   So lovely to meet the three of you, enjoy the sneak peek.