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Cake smash photography Perth | Luke

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Happy 2nd birthday to Luke how growing up so fast,  I have photographed this family quite a few times now first with Tara’s (Luke’s sister) 2nd birthday cake smash and then a family photo session and then Luke’s baby photo session at 8 months of age.  A big happy birthday Luke


cake smash photos perth

Cake smash photography Perth | Macaylabella

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How sweet is Macaylabella?  She visited today for her cake smash session, she turns 1 on Saturday.  She came in a year ago for her newborn photo session.  It was great to see her and family again.


first birthday cake smash photos

Cake smash photography Perth |Monty

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Monty turned 1 yesterday and to celebrate his Mum and Dad organised this cake smash for him.  He had fun playing around with the cake and made a big mess.  Happy Birthday Monty.


cake smash 1st birthday celebration ideas

First birthday cake smash Perth | Brooklyn

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Meet Brooklyn who turns 1 in a few days.  This clever boy is already walking, which made my job quite a bit more difficult, the cake kept him in one spot for a bit longer which was great.  We started with some family photos and finished with one messy baby.  Tina & Derek, it was great to meet you, enjoy your sneak peek.


Cake smash family photos first birthday

Cake smash Photography Perth | Saidhbh

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Happy birthday to Saidhbh who turns 1 today.  She came into the studio yesterday for her cake smash photo session.  She absolutely demolished the cake and had lots of fun doing so.  It’s been a year since i’ve seen this little beauty for her newborn photo session.  Enjoy your sneak peek Franca & Colm.


cake smash 1st birthday baby photo perth

Cake Smash Photos Perth | Seb

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Sebastian turns 1 tomorrow so he came with his family to celebrate with a big cake all for him today.  To start with he didn’t seem to keen but then he had a taste of the cake and yum yum yum he loved it! Seb has been in to the studio a couple of times this year for his “before birth” photos, newborn and 8 month photos.  Enjoy the sneak peek.


cake smash photos perth | Seb

Happy Birthday Xavier | Cake smash photos Perth

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Xavier is about to turn 1 so of course hi parents wanted him to have a cake smash session like his big sister Jaslyn did when she turned one. It was so nice to see Xavier again, its been almost a year since his newborn session.  Monita & Shane its always great to have you in the studio, enjoy your sneak peek.


first birthday cake smash

Cake Smash photo Perth | Havana

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Meet the gorgeous little Havana, this adorably cute baby girl is 11 months of age and had a fun time with her cake yesterday whilst her mum and grandmother watched on.  She has her big 1st birthday Party in January and the storyboard of these photos will be making up her birthday invitations in a pink and gold theme, what a great idea.  Sara, Havana & family enjoy your sneak peek.


Smash the cake 1st birthday Perth Photographer


Cake smash photos Perth | Ava

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If you follow my blog photos then you would have seen Ava previously for her newborn photo session and then again more recently for her 6-9 month session.  She is now almost one and she had an absolute ball with her cake today,  It took a little while for her to warm up to it, but when she did she was giggling to herself whilst trying to shove handfuls of cake in her month.  It was so so funny to watch.  Rebecca, as always, it was great to see you.  Enjoy your sneak peek.


cake smash photos 1st birthday baby Perth

Cake Smash photo Jesse | perth photography

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Jesse turns one on Wednesday and to celebrate his mum brought him in for a cake smash photo session.  He is such a smily boy and did a great job.  We incorporated the first birthday chalkboard as well which I absolutely love.  Jenny it was lovely to meet you and Jesse today, enjoy your sneak peek.



Happy Birthday Milla | Cake Smash Photography Perth

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Milla has the most amazing baby blues! she loved eating her cake but she was not keen on getting the frosting on her hands.  Milla parents, Megan & Allan thought it would be a great time to update their family photos as well and added the mini family session.  Milla’s big brother, Nash who’s almost 4 years old was very good having some photos with his baby sister.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


Milla1 Milla2


Happy Birthday Ethan | Cake Smash Photography Perth

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So good to see Ethan again, he’s such a happy little boy and he just L.O.V.E.D his cake this morning and was a little disappointed he couldn’t continue to play with it after being cleaned up.  View Ethan’s newborn photos here and more recently his 6-9 month session here.  Enjoy your sneak peek Kirby & Daniel.



Meet Alyssa 1 year old | Cake smash photography Perth

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Alyssa thoroughly enjoyed her cake smash session this morning.  I think she would have sat there all day eating the cake if she could:)  It was her birthday yesterday so a huge big happy birthday to Alyssa.



Happy 1st Birthday Josh | Cake Smash Photos Perth

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Wow Josh loved his cake, he got himself in such a mess which was great,  he loved painting with the frosting on the white floor.  It was great to see him having such a great time especially as his big sister and grandparents came along to watch the action.  Happy Birthday Josh.



Meet Charlotte who’s almost 1 | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

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Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed her cake, she liked the frosting and the sponge and got super messy.  A huge happy birthday to you Charlotte!





Meet Layla at almost one year | Cake smash photos Perth

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Layla was such a smiley girl when she first arrived and had her clean photos,  once the cake came out she decided it wasn’t all that fun to get messy.  We managed to get some amazing smiley photos anyway.  Enjoy your sneak peek.



Siobhan’s cake smash | Cake smash photography Perth

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Siobhan is almost one and adorable as ever!  This is the third time I have photographed her, the first being her newborn session (viewable here) and then her 6-9 month session (viewable here).   Siobhan and her older sister 2.5 year old Asher have the most stunning eyes,  I could just look at them all day.  Siobhan’s mum organised the beautiful cake from Swan Valley Cakes, and it went down a treat!



Ethan’s Cake smash | Cake smash photography Perth

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Wow Ethan has grown into such a gorgeous little boy,  I met him as a newborn and he was just a cute then.  Ethan was smiling for me from the beginning, although not long after the cake was put in front of him, he decided he wasn’t all that interested in it, he just wanted to crawl away!  I was lovely seeing you again Michelle,  Enjoy your sneak peek.



Happy 1st birthday Elizabeth | Cake Smash Photography Perth

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I first met Elizabeth 12 months ago for her Newborn photo session (viewable here) now she is 1 year old and absolutely gorgeous:)  She is a very happy smily girl and loved playing with her giant cupcake today.  Rosanna & Jonathon, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.



Mitchell turns one | Cake Smash Photos Perth

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Happy birthday to the gorgeous little Mitchell whom turned one earlier this month.  Mitchell’s parent’s Claire & Aaron thought they would update their family photos as well as celebrating Mitchell’s 1st birthday.  By tagging on the mini family session onto the cake smash we not only captured beautiful cake smash & family photos but also some sibling photos with Mitchell’s big brother, Lachlan who’s 7 year old.  It was great to have you all in the studio this morning, I hope you like your sneak peek.