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Hi, Im Kerry, I’m so glad you found me! I’m assuming due to the fact that you are here on my website that you too see the value in newborn and baby photography.

I am a newborn photographer but holding my camera in my hands is actually a very small part of the service I provide, it’s more about listening to you and your baby,  getting a feel for what your baby likes and how they move not all babies are super flexible and they don’t all like the same settling techniques & posing positions, so whilst you’re in my studio what I like to do is care for your baby, to comfort, settle, become in tune with your baby and then once we’re set, I will pick up my camera and capture their beautiful sleeping selves.

You know that special deep down feeling that you get when you watch your baby in those first few weeks, you keep thinking “wow, she’s mine!” or “OMG I cant believe we made him and he’s all ours!” it’s an incredible feeling isn’t it?  You listen to all their unique noises, you watch them sleep in the middle of the night and double check ‘yes they are still breathing’, you want to comfort them all time and aww that baby smell, you look at every tiny feature, you just want to kiss them all the time, so much so that you could just gobble them up.  All those baby features change sooo quickly, time just runs away, it runs away with our precious visual memories, what we see in that moment will be lost in a deep hole of time that has past. That is why I feel so deeply about what I can provide to you, you don’t have to say goodbye to those amazing details your eyes once saw, those details that you cherished so much at the time but are gone so fast. It doesn’t have to be that way, lets hold those memories, frame them and proudly display them in our homes, and with each glance we are taken straight back to the very beginning. That to me, is priceless! And that is why I specialise in photographing newborn babies – so I can be the best I can be for you, because for you, this will be the most special moment in your lives and I promise you it is worth your investment – Newborn photography is forever and it is priceless!

I would love to chat with you, please call me 0421 122 961

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