Meet Kerry

Hi, I’m Kerry, I’m so glad you found me.   

I’ve spent the last 9-10 years perfecting my skills, my art and my knowledge.  Not just about my camera, lighting, editing techniques and the many other photography related aspects required for the service I provide, but simply studying babies.  Let’s face it, you’re not going to get lots of beautiful images of a baby if you don’t know how to settle one! so Ive put a lot of time into learning about being able to better gauge what they want and don’t want, when they’re hungry or when they are tired.  Another big aspect i’ve worked on is safety.  When such a new and precious baby is in my studio, safe posing and baby heath is always my upmost importance.  I’m fully vaccinated including whopping cough and I’ve completed my newborn safety and first aid course just too make sure I’m fully up to date with techniques and high standards.  Thats the least your precious baby deserves.

I’m guessing that because you’re here on my website, that you too, see the value in newborn and baby photography.  You know that special deep down feeling that you get when you watch your baby in those first few weeks, it’s still hard to believe they’re yours.  You look at every tiny feature, you just want to kiss them all the time, so much so that you could just gobble them up.  You look at their tiny nose, and lips, their eyelashes and eyebrows…. All those newborn baby features change sooo quickly, time just runs away, it runs away with our precious memories, what we see in that moment will be lost, we will no longer be able to picture them.

That is why I feel so deeply about what I can provide to you, you don’t have to say goodbye to those amazing details your eyes once saw, those details that you stare at endlessly now but are gone in the blink of an eye.  Lets hold onto those memories, frame them and proudly display them in our homes, and with each future glance we are taken straight back to the very beginning.  That to me, is priceless! And that is why I specialise in photographing newborn babies – so I can be the best I can be for you, because for you, this will be the most special moment in your lives and I promise you it is worth your investment – Newborn photography is forever and it is priceless!

P.S  I have two kids a girl 10, and a boy 8. I do not have newborn photos of them. I started photographing newborns a few months after my son was born. I would do anything to turn back time to photograph them properly.  I would simply love some sharp, well lit images of their little faces, some natural and super cute photos of them.  If only….

I would love to chat with you, please call me 0421 122 961

About the Studio

My husband & I purchased our home in 2014 because of its great ability to provide me with the perfect studio space with it’s own entrance, where I specialise in Newborn styling and portraiture.  The studio is warm, welcoming and perfectly tailored for new mum’s and their baby’s.  I have a comfortable leather couch for you to relax even take a nap!  There’s a television which I like to have on for background noise and you will be in full control of the remote:)  I have a fully stocked changing table for your convenience and provide fresh home baked cookies with every newborn session and of course a cold drink or steamy hot beverage.

If you will be attending with other children, we have the perfect space for them to run around on the grass in the safety of our inclosed front garden, which is viewable from the studio windows, and if that’s not quite enough, we are situated opposite a lovely park and grassed area.

I take great pride in my experience after having photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborn babies since 2010.  My aim is for you to be as comfortable as can be whilst in my studio.

The best part about the session is that straight after the magic has been created we can sit down and view all the beautiful images taken, so you can choose your favourites.  This is not common practise in my industry at all but I’ve been trialling this for a couple of months and my clients are loving it, they have full control over the photos rather than the photographer narrowing down to a tiny amount to show their client.  So this (same day viewing) is here to stay in my studio.  In fact, Ive just arranged a lovely large 55″ big screen tv so you can see them super big,  bigger is always better:)

I also fulfill your order in whizz bang timing, no need to wait 6-16 weeks, nope, I will have your order ready within 1-3 weeks from order placement, because I know how eager you are to show off your stunning Album and Wall Art pieces, fantastic!   

I would love to speak with you so if you have any questions regarding the service I provide, lets chat: 0421 122 961