FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you come to our home to photograph our baby?

For newborn sessions, I am currently only offering studio sessions.  I have a lot of equipment and props that go into making every session consistent and for me to guarantee you the best quality images you will need to visit my studio.  The studio is warm, comfortable and I will make you feel very welcome 🙂

Where are you located?

My studio is in Tapping which is approximately 20 minutes north of Perth city

Do you provide the props?

Absolutely, I have a large range of props to place your baby in like baskets and tubs. I also have a lot of blankets, wraps, beanies and headbands.  Click here to view some images of the studio

Do you include family and sibling photos in your newborn sessions?

Yes, I sure do!  If you are bringing along grandparents or anyone else please let me know so I can allow enough session time.

When should I book?

Most clients book early in the third trimester, but in saying that, it’s never too late, I will always do my best to fit you in.

What age should my baby be for the session?

Anywhere from 4 -14 days is best (I prefer 7-10days)  It is more difficult as the days go on, as your baby will become more awake and less flexible making posing more difficult to achieve, so certainly earlier the better.  Although saying that, I will never say no, I will work with any age as I am very confident in my settling ability with all babies.  Older babies will generally require more photos of them snuggled in a wrap.

How long does a session take?

Depends on your baby on the day but typically anywhere from 3 – 4 hours, but can be as quick as 2 hours.  I allow plenty of time for feeding, settling, positioning, etc

I’ve just had a baby – I really don’t feel like having photos taken of myself!

I completely understand, but lucky for you, I’m a whizz at photoshop 🙂 I will give you a lovely refreshed look even though you will be feeling tired due to lack of sleep.  I also ask you to wear black tops, so when I photograph you on my black backdrop your body does not stand out.  I will guide you into the most pleasing positions and will photograph you at the most complementary angles.

Do you photograph anything events like parties, baptisms etc?

No, I don’t, sorry.

Are you vaccinated?

Yes, I have all my vaccinations up to date.  Newborn babies are too young to have vaccinations, so it is really important to ensure your newborn photographer has their vaccinations up to date.  Lucky for me, I am generally very healthy and rarely get sick.

What if my baby gets cold?

Not a chance!  I have two heaters going in the studio, one is a reverse cycle that warms the studio and the other is your baby’s personal heater fan and they love it! it is so warm and cozy. In fact, I recommend you wear layers so you can shed if need be.

What if my baby is unsettled and awake?

After photographing over 800 or so babies, I’ve learnt many settling techniques, I wish I knew these when my children were newborns 🙂 I am confident in my ability to settle your baby. There are not many babies that can make it through my sleepy spells and still be awake. Yes, there is the occasional baby that is just having a bad day (and don’t we all have those sometimes) If that is the case then I will use some great wrapping techniques and confine those wondering arms and legs.  Sometimes just being tightly swaddled allows them to fall off to sleep, and at this point, I will slowly remove the wrap exposing the arms and legs.