Why Hire Me?

As a professional newborn and family photographer serving the Perth area, I pride myself in delivering consistent first class service. A great deal of time goes into capturing and creating these very special images of your family.

Taking photos is only a fraction of the service

Although you may only see me for 3 to 4 hours for your newborn photo session, I’m working on your session for many more hours than that. A lot of time goes into: emails and administration, studio set-up, session time, clean up and washing of all props after the session, transferring photo images, culling and editing of images, setting up and uploading images to your online gallery, creating announcement cards, preparing each image for printing, printing the images, trimming the final prints, packaging and paperwork, and blogging of the session. So each session can range in total from 15 to 25+ hours.

Showcase your newborn photos with stunning prints

Once upon a time, people treasured hard-copy photographs, they’d slide their little 6×4″ photos into small albums and would also display their big pictures in their homes for visitors to see. Fast-forward to the digital era, all our images are now stored on mobile phones or computers, and it begs the question – how often do you actually go out and have your images printed?

I use to provide just digital images on disc to my clients. These clients would bring their baby back for a cake smash and some would tell me, they still haven’t printed any images from their newborn session disc from a year ago. It breaks my heart to think these gorgeous images are sitting inside a computer hard drive, instead of being proudly displayed in their home.

I know we all lead busy lives these days, and life just gets busier, so now I offer both digital images and prints / canvases with my photo collections. This will make it very easy for you to display them around your home for all to admire.  I can also provide framing of said prints, as well as photo albums & acrylic blocks, canvases and announcement cards. You will be delighted with the high-quality results all packaged up nicely for you.

First-class premium printing services

I have provided clients with professional printing services for over 6 years and it still gives me great pleasure when my clients tell me that they absolutely love their prints. Just like I take pride in my photography capture and editing work, I also take pride in the printing process. By having 100% involvement throughout the entire process from studio to print, I can provide you with the highest level of quality control.

For my primary printing workhorse, I use a professional late-model large format printer, which is fully colour-calibrated, and can print up to 24 x 36 inches. This printer consumes 12 coloured inks to produce prints that are amazingly vivid and colour accurate – perfect for skin tones in newborn babies.

My media of choice has a beautiful smooth pearl finish with a high dynamic range coating, making it fantastic for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour range. To get the most amazing and vibrant prints possible, I highly recommend to go with one of the print packages I offer.

Fast turn-around after your order is placed

I can provide a fast turn-around time of approximately 1 week from order placement for all my newborn collections (except the Platinum collection). For orders consisting of framing and/or canvas artwork, the turn-around time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks (or 3 to 4 weeks during the busy period – e.g. around Xmas). For more urgent time-frames, please discuss with me so I can best meet your request.

I will give you consistent high quality and style

The images in my portfolio and recent work pages will give you a strong indication of my style. Clients often choose to book a session because they love my style, which is natural, warm and graceful. I prefer capturing natural comfortable newborn poses, I don’t want to feel negatively toward an image because the baby looks too uncomfortable. I’m not an experimental photographer which means you wont get any unwanted surprises, you have full control over what props and what colours are used during your photo session, I can certainly recommend and give you some guidance, but the session is all about your specific preferences.

When you choose Kerry Baker Photography as your newborn and baby photographer, you will only be dealing with me – Kerry Baker. From first point of contact, to capturing and editing your baby’s images, right through to printing, trimming and packaging up your order, I offer you almost a decade of skills, experience and expertise. This ensures that you get consistently high-quality results each and every time.

Posing Safety

Newborn & Baby Posing Certification

I’m a qualified newborn photographer which means, I’ve been trained in how to position and pose a baby safely, how to bend and move limbs without causing injury and I’ve been trained in infant first aid including CPR.

You can have full confidence that your most precious gift will be in exceptionally safe hands and very well taken care of.

Highly experienced in newborn safety and settling techniques

I have been working as a newborn photographer since 2010 so I have settled and posed hundreds upon hundreds of babies. I’ve seen all types and all difficulties of babies – from babies that poop a lot to colicky babies, and even babies in braces with hip dysplasia. I’m able to adapt with each baby and confidently get the best out of them whilst in my studio.

I have attended many professional courses and workshops over the years and had extensive training with the most premiere photographers from around the world. Safety and comfort of your baby is of the highest priority for me. Not all babies are happy in certain poses and due to my experience, I’m able to work out very quickly if a baby is becoming unsettled due to being repositioned or whether they are uncomfortable.

The images you see on my website with baby laying on their tummy in a prop, there is always a spotter (usually a parent) sitting right beside baby with their hand either on the baby’s head, or just above ready to provide support for baby if needed. Baby is never put at any risk what-so-ever, even when baby looks like they’re being held in mid-air or hanging in somehow, they’re actually laying safely on the beanbag.

If you do not see the interactive safety demonstration sliders below, please refresh the page.

I work with professional-grade equipment and have the skills to use it

I use professional-grade equipment in my studio from multiple 200W and 400W strobe lights, to the latest Canon 5D Mark IV and professional lenses for ultra-sharp capture. Other specialist equipment include: optimised editing computers, a colour-calibrated monitor, a professional 17″ (A2+ size) large format printer and a professional 12-ink 24″ large format printer that can print up to a massive 24″ x 36″ print. My print quality is exceptional and my clients are always pleased with the results. I am a full service photographer, which means I can provide you with ready to hang art pieces.

Choose from hundreds of studio props from baskets to beanies

I have hundreds of props for your newborn baby to pose in or wear. Whether it be baskets, drawers, buckets, or a birds-nest made of intertwined dried vines to pose baby in, to gorgeous beanies, headbands, teddies and mini felt hearts, fluffy rugs, tonnes of fabrics, wraps and beautiful throw rugs and blankets. These are all available for use during your session.