WOW sweet baby Lana she really made us laugh during her cake smash photography North Coogee photo session.  She was certainly one of the easier cake smash session babies, who needed no coaxing by her mother, Rebecca, or myself, to make a great big mess with her beautiful cake.

One year old baby girl wearing a musk pink tutu

Cake Smash Photography North Coogee

We started Lana’s Cake smash photo session with some clean photos on the lovely musk pink backdrop.  A great photo doesn’t have to be a smiley photo, it’s great to capture different expressions on children’s faces, and in fact, quite often it’s the non-smiley photos that I love the best.  There’s certainly something about the above and below photos that I just love,  probably the big beautiful eyes that look like they want to tell me a story.

gorgeous baby girl sitting on box posing beautifully during her cake smash photo session

And then, of course, the smiley photos of babies.  Lana sure has a cracking smile.  She already has 5 teeth, Rebecca was hoping to see a couple of her daughters’ new teeth in a few photos, tick! mission accomplished haha

Baby girl at the age of one sitting in a drawer with a fluffy rug laughing

Okay, it’s cake smash time Lana – go for it!!  And what a lovely cake this is.  Rebecca enjoys making cakes and decided she would supply her own cake for Lana’s cake smash photo session, and I fully welcome any family to do the same,  if you do want to supply your own cake please make sure the frosting is super soft and won’t form a hard crusty outer layer, some buttercream frostings do this, so I do recommend doing a test run with the frosting and make sure your recipe is not going to harden,  otherwise, your baby will not get very cakey (is that even a word?) which kind of defeats the purpose!

beautiful big cake for baby girls first birthday cake smash celebration

Happy first birthday Lana!  Awww she loved her cake so much, by the end of her cake smash the cake was absolutely destroyed, she did an amazing job – well done Lana!

One year old baby girl eating a big chunk of cake during her Cake Smash Photography North Coogee

Big smiles after splashing about in the cake smash clean up bath.

Cake smash clean up bath for one year old

It was truly lovely to see Lana again, I was lucky enough to have met and photographed her as a newborn baby I really love seeing these babies getting bigger and their personalities growing.

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