Baby photography Perth | 3 month baby session

Sweet baby Malaika is 3 months of age.  She has the most amazing big beautiful eyes and juicy lips:)  Malaika was quite active during her baby photos, her mum would have liked a sleepy photo but Malaika did not want a bar of that, choosing instead to be wide awake.  She was very interested to know what was going on around her.   Its always going to be a struggle getting sleepy photos from a 3 month old baby, but in saying that, it really depends on each individual baby.



Baby photography Perth | Amelie

Meet Amelie at 10 months of age,  I met her and her mum Aleisha, last week.  Aleisha is a writer for the weekend note and she came to the studio to see what goes on and of course have some beautiful photos of Amelie.  She has written a piece about her visit, have a read.  Thank you for visiting Aleisha, it was great to meet you and your gorgeous baby girl.


10 month baby photo studio

Baby photography Perth | Twins

Meet beautiful 11 month old twins Sophia & Jacques.  It was hard work with their session today as clever Sophia is already walking and very mobile.  Jacques is a very quick crawler so it was a lot of running around after them today.  But got some stunning photos of them.  Enjoy your sneak peak.


baby twins 11 months old photo session

Baby Photographer Perth | Arsha

Arsha came into the studio yesterday for his 6-9 month baby session, he was very happy and we got some adorable smiles from him,  toward the end he was getting very tired and getting the family photo was tricky but after persisting we got this gorgeous smily shot.  Enjoy your sneak peek Maryam and Kaveh.  You can view the maternity session and newborn session of this family as well.


8 month baby photos perth family

baby photography Perth | Veljko

Meet baby Veljko at 7 months of age.  Although he was on the tired side he was really amazing throughout his session this morning, lots of smiles and a great mood. It was great to meet this beautiful family, enjoy the sneak peek.


7 month baby boy photos perth

Meet Ava at 9 months with her family | Baby & Family photography Perth

So good to see this gorgeous family again.  I photographed youngest boy, Riley’s 1 year cake smash then Rebecca when she was pregnant with Ava. I then photographed Ava as a newborn and now her 9 month session with her family included her oldest brother Benjamin.  Rebecca and Phil did a fantastic job selecting their clothing for the session, well done!  Enjoy your sneak peek



Meet Ruby at 7 months | Baby photography Perth

Ruby lit up the studio this morning! she impressed me today with how long she let me take photos of her.  She came in with her wonderful family, big brother Xavier 6 and mum & dad, Sharon & Craig.  I had such a great time with this family, it was such a pleasure to meet you all, enjoy your sneak peek.





Meet Luke at 8 months | Baby Photography Perth

Luke was so good today,  he gave us lots of great smiles.  I met Luke when he was only 3 months old, so it was lovely to see how much he’s grown since then.  This is such a great age to capture, when they are sitting up unaided and they give you the biggest smiles,  love it!  Enjoy your sneak peek Miranda.



Meet Eligh who’s 7 months | Perth Baby Photography

Eligh came in with mum and dad this afternoon and he was so happy throughout the whole session.  OMG it was very hard culling this session because Eligh was happy and smily in most of them.  Isn’t he just the cutest?  and gotta love a baby bum hehe!  Thank you Bobbie & Russell for visiting the studio, it was great to meet you.



Meet Lawley at 6 months | Baby photographer Perth

Lawley came to visit this morning and started off a little grumpy due to being over tired,  we got her off to sleep for a while and got some gorgeous sleepy poses.  Although Lawley is six months old she is a prem baby, born at 32 weeks so she is still little but she is so gorgeous and happy, she has the best smile.  It was a pleasure to have you in the studio Darlene, I hope you like your sneak peek!


Kerry Baker Photography | Baby Photographer Perth

Meet Travis at 4.5 months | Baby photographer Perth

Parents Rachael & Luke brought their baby boy into the studio looking so cute in a blue bear suit.  Travis was very good, although really made us work hard for a smile.  Toward the end he got a bit cranky but we had plenty of great photo’s by then,  Thank you Rachael and Luke for sharing your gorgeous baby boy with me.