Meet 11 week old Nella | Baby Photography Perth

This is Nella and her big brother Will 3.5 years old.  Boy were they well behaved! It was raining whilst they were in the studio so the garden was wet and not appropriate for Will to go outside to play whilst Nella was having photos  taken, so he sat inside patiently and kept himself occupied, what a little champ for mum he was!  and Nelly at 11 weeks, we did get her off to sleep and got some fantastic photos of her.  Lee, it was a pleasure having you and your gorgeous children in the studio today.


Family Photography | Perth Family Photographer

Meet 11 month old Aisha and her parents Rosemary & Daudi who came to the studio for their family photo session recently.   They actually had two sessions as the first time they came, it was bad timing as it coincided with Aisha’s nap time and she definitely needed a nap that day, so they came back the follow week straight after her nap and she was a different little girl.  It was lovely to meet the three of you, Here’s a sneak peek.


Lucy’s 10 month session | Baby Photographer Perth

I havent photographed Lucy since she was a newborn, she is now 10 months and as gorgeous as ever.  She was very well behaved and we had lots of fun with her in the studio.  Her mum, Nicole is one of my closest friends and it’s great to be able to photographer her precious daughter, as well as her two boys, although the boys were at school for this session, so it was all about Lucy today!  Here’s a peek at the images.


Meet 4-month old Charlie | Baby Photography Perth

This little boy Charlie was such a sweetheart, always smiling and giggling and rarely took his eyes off mum and dad, Renee and Clark. Charlie is 4 months old, this is a great age to capture some special baby & family photo’s, babies are usually lively and interested in what’s happening around them. It’s also quite easy to get them smiling and giggling which always makes a great photo. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the images from this family photo session.



11-month old Ivy | Family Photography Perth

This gorgeous family, Anna, John and their 11 month old daughter Ivy came to my studio for their first family photo session. We started by taking a few photo’s at the local park in between the rain showers and although Ivy wasn’t the happiest whilst we were there, as soon as we got back into the studio she came alive especially with a few different props that kept her interested and happy. Such a sweet, joyful little girl! Enjoy the sneak peek…