First birthday cake smash Perth | Brooklyn

Meet Brooklyn who turns 1 in a few days.  This clever boy is already walking, which made my job quite a bit more difficult, the cake kept him in one spot for a bit longer which was great.  We started with some family photos and finished with one messy baby.  Tina & Derek, it was great to meet you, enjoy your sneak peek.


Cake smash family photos first birthday

Cake Smash photo Perth | Havana

Meet the gorgeous little Havana, this adorably cute baby girl is 11 months of age and had a fun time with her cake yesterday whilst her mum and grandmother watched on.  She has her big 1st birthday Party in January and the storyboard of these photos will be making up her birthday invitations in a pink and gold theme, what a great idea.  Sara, Havana & family enjoy your sneak peek.


Smash the cake 1st birthday Perth Photographer


Cake smash photos Perth | Ava

If you follow my blog photos then you would have seen Ava previously for her newborn photo session and then again more recently for her 6-9 month session.  She is now almost one and she had an absolute ball with her cake today,  It took a little while for her to warm up to it, but when she did she was giggling to herself whilst trying to shove handfuls of cake in her month.  It was so so funny to watch.  Rebecca, as always, it was great to see you.  Enjoy your sneak peek.


cake smash photos 1st birthday baby Perth

Cake Smash photo Jesse | perth photography

Jesse turns one on Wednesday and to celebrate his mum brought him in for a cake smash photo session.  He is such a smily boy and did a great job.  We incorporated the first birthday chalkboard as well which I absolutely love.  Jenny it was lovely to meet you and Jesse today, enjoy your sneak peek.



Happy Birthday Milla | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Milla has the most amazing baby blues! she loved eating her cake but she was not keen on getting the frosting on her hands.  Milla parents, Megan & Allan thought it would be a great time to update their family photos as well and added the mini family session.  Milla’s big brother, Nash who’s almost 4 years old was very good having some photos with his baby sister.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


Milla1 Milla2


Happy Birthday Ethan | Cake Smash Photography Perth

So good to see Ethan again, he’s such a happy little boy and he just L.O.V.E.D his cake this morning and was a little disappointed he couldn’t continue to play with it after being cleaned up.  View Ethan’s newborn photos here and more recently his 6-9 month session here.  Enjoy your sneak peek Kirby & Daniel.



Happy 1st Birthday Josh | Cake Smash Photos Perth

Wow Josh loved his cake, he got himself in such a mess which was great,  he loved painting with the frosting on the white floor.  It was great to see him having such a great time especially as his big sister and grandparents came along to watch the action.  Happy Birthday Josh.



Ethan’s Cake smash | Cake smash photography Perth

Wow Ethan has grown into such a gorgeous little boy,  I met him as a newborn and he was just a cute then.  Ethan was smiling for me from the beginning, although not long after the cake was put in front of him, he decided he wasn’t all that interested in it, he just wanted to crawl away!  I was lovely seeing you again Michelle,  Enjoy your sneak peek.



Mitchell turns one | Cake Smash Photos Perth

Happy birthday to the gorgeous little Mitchell whom turned one earlier this month.  Mitchell’s parent’s Claire & Aaron thought they would update their family photos as well as celebrating Mitchell’s 1st birthday.  By tagging on the mini family session onto the cake smash we not only captured beautiful cake smash & family photos but also some sibling photos with Mitchell’s big brother, Lachlan who’s 7 year old.  It was great to have you all in the studio this morning, I hope you like your sneak peek.



Happy Birthday Poppy | Cake smash photography Perth

Meet Poppy who turned one today,  this is an extra special milestone for her and her family.  Poppy is a very special little girl, she has been through so much in her first year of life,  This is her story.

When she was 5 and a half months of age, she was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (heart failure), she was resuscitated on a couple of occasions and was put into an induced coma, spending 40 days in ICU at PMH.  Poppy’s parents, Jessie & Jordan were told to expect the worst, so when the medical staff said Poppy’s heart was strong enough to come out of her coma,  that was an incredible step forward.  Poppy then became well enough to move out of ICU, and then finally after 54 days at PMH Jessie & Jordan were told Poppy was well enough to go home.  Poppy put up the fight of her life and she WON!

Jessie, did not leave Poppy’s side and even to this day she is never far from Poppy,  she stayed in the armchair next to Poppy for 54 days at PMH, Jessie & Jordan were given a room at PMH so Jordan was able to get some sleep there, so both Poppy’s parents were there with her the whole time.  She is a very special girl whom has very special parents and today I witnessed such a incredibly beautiful bond between Jessie and her baby girl Poppy.   Jordan has gone back to fly in fly out work now that Poppy is well so I missed out on catching up with him today.  Jessie tells me, she could not have done this without her mum whom stopped working to be able help & support them, cooking meals and doing the laundry to name a few things, enabling Jessie to stay at Poppy’s bedside.

I first meet Jessie & Jordan when I photographed their maternity session whilst they were expecting Poppy  (viewable here)  and then again of course when Poppy was only 7 days old for her newborn photo session (viewable here).  I am so glad to be able to tell you that Poppy’s heart is now almost back to 100% health and her doctors do not expect any other occurrences which is amazing considering what her tiny little body went through.

Jessie, thank you so much for sharing your story with me today and thank you for allowing me to share it was my website visitors.  Your strength, determination & love is so inspiring.  I truly wish Poppy all the very best in her long and happy future.

Enjoy your sneak Peek!!







Meet Tiana almost 1 | Cake Smash Photos Perth

Tiana came to visit yesterday with her parents, Justine & Christian,  they had a mini family session with Tiana’s cake smash.  Tiana isn’t so much of a smily baby girl but we did get some beautiful smiles and gorgeous facial expressions from her.  She seemed to really enjoy the cake smash.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.



Meet Olivia who’s almost 1 | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Olivia turns one on Saturday and her parents have arranged a big party for her,  unlike her birthday cake on Saturday, she got to smash her cake today and she had a great time doing it.  I love her gorgeous outfit which her mum Melissa brought in with her and all the colours worked so well.  Happy Birthday Olivia, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.



Meet Christian at 12 months | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Monica & Joe bought their gorgeous little boy into the studio this afternoon for some cake smashing fun,  we also did and mini family session prior to getting all messy.  I first met & photographed this beautiful family when Christian was a newborn baby (viewable here) so it was so nice to see how much Christian has grown in his first year.  Monica & Joe, I hope you like your sneak peek, it was lovely to have you in the studio again today.



Meet Alida at 13 months | Cake Smash Photos

It was great to see Alida again,  the first time being for her newborn session a year ago.  She is such a clever little girl, she started walking at 10-11 months and through most of her cake smash she was saying ‘whats that’  omg she so adorable!  Her big sister Siena, came along today as well and we did a mini session prior to the cake coming out so we could get some beautiful sister photo’s.  Alida truly had a blast with her cake.  Lara & Beau, it was great to see you again, enjoy your sneak peek.



Meet Hannah who’s almost One | Smash the cake Photography Perth

Hannah has the most adorable big, blue eyes with beautiful dark lashes wow!  She turns one in two weeks time so a big happy birthday to her.  Well, she made myself and her parents, Deirdre & David work very hard to get her smiling and we just could not quite get her there today, she missed her morning sleep so she was a bit on the tired side.  But just take a look at her gorgeous face, she doesn’t need to smile to get a beautiful photo.



Meet Thomas at 11 months | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Thomas arrived yesterday morning for his cake smash photo session, it took him a while to warm up but after a little bit of playing around he was ready for the cake.  Although he made us work hard for the smiles he did give them and we caught lots of beautiful photos of him. Thank you Sabrina & Andy for visiting, I hope you like your sneak peek.



Meet Tiah on her 1st birthday | Cake Smash Photography Perth

It is Tiah’s 1st birthday today and she wasn’t all that keen on playing with the cake or even tasting it for that matter, although you would never believe that looking at these gorgeous images of her during her cake smash photo session. It was my backup tricks today that Tiah loved the most and boy o boy doesn’t she look happy!  Happy Birthday Tiah,  I hope you have a terrific day.



Meet Mya at 11 months | Cake Smash photography Perth

Mya came in for her cake smash photo session this morning and she was all smiles,  she loved her cake and had a great time playing around with it.  She’s going to have a big beautiful storyboard of her cake smash to show off at her 1st birthday party next month.  Happy birthday Mya.



Leila turns one today | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Leila came in for her 1st birthday cake smash this morning,  she brought along her mum, grandmother and her mums friend to watch and we all got fairly messy today all except Leila’s grandmother who managed to stay clean.  A huge big happy birthday to Leila,  I hope you have a great time at your party on the weekend.



Meet Anika who’s almost One | Perth Cake Smash Photography

Anika turns one at the beginning of August,  this is her first time eating cake (as it is with most cake smash babies under one), and she enjoyed it.  She wasn’t to keen on getting her hands dirty but she still had a lot of fun with the cake.  Anika has such an expressive little face which was all smiles from the minute she arrived at the studio for her cake smash photo session.  It was lovely to meet the three of you today, I hope you like your sneak peek.



Happy Birthday Sofia | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Sofia came in today for her cake smash session,  she turns one tomorrow, so a huge happy birthday to her,  she had a great time with her cake today.  Before the cake came out we took some family photos and one of her in a sailor dress which her mum, Jessica wore at the age of one also, so that was pretty special.  Thank you Jessica and Ricky for visiting today and have a great time celebrating tomorrow.



Evelyn’s almost One | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

Evelyn turns one in four weeks time but has come to the studio for her Cake smash session in perfect time to get the prints and the big beautiful collage/storyboard in time for her party celebrations.  She has some teeth coming through and wasn’t her normal happy self, but you would never know looking at these photos,  she did great.  I met and photographed this family when Evelyn was a newborn click here to view her newborn photo’s, Thank you Jassinta & Richard for visiting the studio once again.


Kerry Baker Photography | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

Olivia turns 1 | Cake smash photographer Perth

A huge big happy birthday to Olivia who turned one a few weeks ago,  and celebrating in style with a cake smash photo session.  Olivia’s mum, Donna said that Olivia was having a ‘off day’ but we still managed to get some amazingly stunning smiles out of her.  Isn’t she just gorgeous!


Kerry Baker Photography | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

Archie turns One | Cake Smash photographer Perth

From the minute Archie arrived at the studio for his cake smash photo session he had big smiles, he’s such an adorable little boy,  he wasn’t too interested in playing with his cake but thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles we were blowing!  Have a great birthday Archie!


Kerry Baker Photography | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

Meet Olivia | Cake Smash Photographer Perth

Olivia is soon to turn one, and this session is a gift from her grandparents to celebrate her big 1st birthday, this clever little girl is already walking and she is such a happy little girl, although wasn’t  very interested in getting too messy.


Leytons’ Cake Smash | Cake Smash photographer Perth

This is Leyton’s 3rd visit,  I photographed him as a newborn, then 6 months and now his first year cake smash.  I just love seeing my newborn babies growing up and soon becoming toddlers, Leyton is no different, he is such a good little baby boy,  I hope you enjoyed your cake Leyton.


Rory at 12 months | Cake smash photographer Perth

I took Rory’s newborn photos and now he’s back for his cake smash,  the year has just flown by and isn’t Rory just the cutest little boy.  He was a bit unsure about his cake to start with but once mum and dad helped him out and showed him what to do, he had a great old time.


Lewis’ Cake Smash | Smash the Cake Photography Perth

Meet 1 year old Lewis, his big sister Sophia and his parents Laura & Shaun.  They visited the studio for family photo’s and lewis’ cake smash.  I actually went to school with Laura many moons ago, so it was nice to catch up with her again.  Well Lewis, OMG did he looovvveeee his cake or what?  He made us all laugh while he was almost shovelling cake into his mouth meanwhile Laura’s picturing the afternoon with a caked up child!  We did manage to drag him away from the cake but he wasn’t happy about it.  Laura & Shaun, your children are totally adorable, thank you  for visiting the studio and sharing them with me.


Asher’s Cake Smash | Cake Smash Photography Perth

The gorgeous Asher is returning for her special cake smash session, she is 1 in a couple of weeks and mum Urshula organised a special cake to be made to go with her Winnie the Pooh theme, so of course the cake was a hunny pot and it looked amazing, it seemed such a shame to smash the cake.   Here’s a look at some of the photos.


Lucy’s Cake Smash | Smash the Cake Photographer Perth

Lucy is back in the studio again, this time for her cake smash session.  Her mum Nicole (a very close friend of mine) chose to have the cake decorated in yellow frosting,  it’s the first time i’ve done a yellow one and it looked great.  Lucy loves little yellow duckies and that is the theme of her 1st birthday party coming up in a few weeks.  Lucy was not the happiest little girl on the day of her session and really wasn’t interested in cake, but with a bit of coaxing we were able to get some great photo’s.  Here are some from her session.


Dexter’s Cake Smash | Smash the Cake Photography Perth

Emma, Matt & Dexter visited the studio 4 months ago for a family session (which can be viewed here) and now back for Dexter’s Cake Smash Session.  Dexter wasn’t that sure of the cake to begin with but then he tasted it and realised it tasted good!  Thank you for coming to the studio again, here are some images of Dexter “smashing the cake”