Maternity photography Perth | Phoebe

All I can say is wow, wow, wow!  Just take a look at beautiful pregnant mummy-to-be Phoebe and her very proud husband Tony, and when I say proud, I mean p.r.o.u.d!  This lovely couple are expecting their baby princess in 4 weeks time and boy-o-boy I can not wait to meet her!  It was lovely having you both in the studio this morning and I hope you have an amazing time at your baby shower this afternoon.


Maternity photography Perth | Phoebe

Meet Phoebe & her husband James who are expecting their first child, a baby boy!  This couple are hands down one of the cutest couples i’ve ever met, so much love!  Phoebe looks amazing and absolutely rocks her baby bump!  Meet baby Fox here.



maternity and pregnancy photos in perth


Maternity photos Perth | Tina

Meet the very pregnant and very beautiful Tina. Tina is currently awaiting the arrival of her sweet baby girl, It’s not long now and I personally can not wait to meet this bundle of goodness.



Maternity photos Perth | Franscesca

Meet francesca at just over 36 weeks.  This stunning women is already mummy to gorgeous little Lucia. Lucia wasn’t too interested in touching or kissing her mummy’s baby bump during the maternity session but loved mummy cuddles!  Looking forward to meeting your new arrival very soon.



Maternity photography Perth | Rozana

Just take a look at this stunning mummy to be,  she is really rock’n that baby bump – wow!  This baby is so loved up already, daddy couldn’t stop touching and kissing her baby bump, such a beautiful couple.   Im so excited to meet this little one next month.


maternity & pregnancy photos high key and black


Maternity photography Perth | Wenke

Meet Wenke who is soon to meet her bundle of joy.  Wenke drove all the way from Albany to my studio a 5 hour trip one way, wow!  it is not uncommon at all for clients to take a long drive to the studio but Wenke certainly has won that title hands down.  Wenke was previously a photographer herself in her homeland of Germany, so it truly was an honour that she wanted me to photograph her amazing pregnant body and her baby in a few weeks time.  Wenke you look amazing, I cant wait to see you again soon.


pregnancy and maternity photos Perth

Maternity photographer Perth | Rebecca & Jason

This session was a wonderful surprise for Rebecca from her lovely husband, Jason.  He contacted me and wanted to arrange this special treat including having her hair and makeup done as well.  He wasn’t sure how Rebecca would react and upon arrival she was a little surprised to say the least, but after a few minutes of ‘getting her head around it’ she got right into it and absolutely rocked this session.  She is such beautiful pregnant women who has such a thoughtful loving husband whom together are so excited about meeting their baby girl.  Congratulations guys, I cant wait to meet your princess soon.



pregnancy maternity photos with studio lightiing


Meet Mairead at 36 weeks | Pregnancy photography Perth

Mairead visited the studio yesterday afternoon with her hubby Chad.  They are very close to meeting their first child,  they have left the gender of the baby a surprise for themselves so they are very much looking forward to baby’s birth day.  Enjoy your sneak peek.




Meet Maryam at 32 weeks | Maternity photography Perth

It was great to meet Maryam and her husband Kaveh yesterday for their maternity photo session.  They are expecting a baby boy and are very excited to meet him.  Here are just a couple of images from their session and as you can see Maryam is glowing!  I am looking forward to meeting you baby boy soon,  enjoy your sneak peek.



Meet Cheryl at 37 weeks | Maternity photography Perth

Meet the glowing Cheryl and her family, Mike and 2.5 year old Heidi who came into the studio yesterday afternoon for their maternity photo session.  They are all very much looking forward to the arrival of their baby boy, Martin due in a few short weeks.  Heidi was very good and gave us lots of great photos for her age (usually they avoid the camera between 1.5 – 3 years of age).  Enjoy your sneak peek,  I can’t wait to meet Martin!



Meet Dani & Marco | Maternity photography Perth

Dani & Marco are expecting their little princess in 16 days, wow not long now, I can’t wait to meet her, I think she’s going to be a cutie!  It was lovely to meet you both this morning and I look forward to seeing you back in the studio in a few weeks time for your  newborn photo session.  Enjoy the sneak peek.



Meet Sally at 37 weeks | Maternity Photography Perth

Sally & Nic came into the studio before Christmas for their Maternity photo session and although I was able to complete their gallery for them before Christmas, I did not get around to doing the blog post, so here it is.  This gorgeous couple are expecting a little boy and I can not wait to meet him in a couple of weeks.  So glad you love the photos Sally, now that i’ve done the blog post you can keep looking at them lol!



Meet Rebecca | Maternity photography Perth

Rebecca is expecting baby number three,  she has a perfect baby bump as well as a beautiful baby glow about her.  I am very much looking forward to meeting your new baby soon and I wish you all the very best in the remainder of your pregnancy.  Enjoy your sneak peek.



Meet Shannon & Peter | Pregnancy photos Perth

Shannon is 35 weeks pregnant and is glowing, both Shannon & Peter are very excited to meet their baby in the next 4-5 weeks.  Shannon, I hope you have a great time over the next few weeks preparing your home for your new addition. I’m looking forward to seeing you both come back with your precious baby! I hope you enjoy  your sneak peek.



Meet Emma at 36 weeks | Maternity Photography Perth

Emma and her partner Vince visited the studio this afternoon, they are expecting a baby girl in a months time and are excited to meet her.  It was great to meet you today guys and I look forward to seeing you again soon with your baby girl.



Meet Alana at 34 weeks | Perth Maternity Photographer

Meet Alana, Corey and their 4 year old son, Jackson.  They came to visit the studio this afternoon for their maternity session.  Alana & Corey were so happy to get the opportunity to have these photos done as Jackson was born very premature, at a scary 27 weeks so missed out on having a maternity photo session.  Jackson is adorable,  I asked him half way through the session if he would like baby to be a girl or a boy, his answer was a girl.  Then toward the end he announced he wants a brother, so it sounds like he’ll be happy either way.  It was so lovely to meet the three of you today and I can’t wait to meet baby number two.  Enjoy your sneak peek.