Newborn photos Perth | Jacob

Meet Jacob and his big sister Taylar,  Taylar was amazing with her baby brother, she loved having him in her arms and was so gentle with him.  Taylar had her newborn photo session at 10 days of age and also back at 8 months for photos.  Baby Jacob was also an absolute star during the photo session, sleeping for the majority of the session.  Tamara & Scott, It was such a pleasure having you in the studio again, enjoy your sneak peek.



Newborn photography Perth | Baby S

I welcomed back this gorgeous family, it has been 3 years since they were in the studio last, which was for their first born child, Luis’ newborn session. Their second baby boy at the time of this session did not yet have a name so I’m going to call him baby S for now. Baby S had some good stints throughout the baby photo session but halfway through was a little fidgety and woke easily, none the less we got lots of amazing photos.  Parents Ashley & Anthony brought with them some props, a crown hat and a blanket which we used in a couple of photos.  Enjoy your sneak peek.




Newborn photography perth | Oliver

Meet newborn baby Oliver, he is just over 3 weeks of age but he was born 5 weeks early so still hasn’t quite reached his due date. He is with his family, big brother William and parents Kaylee and Joel. Both of these gorgeous boys were so amazing throughout the newborn photo session and William did a great job holding his little baby brother for their sibling photos, the most difficult photo to achieve was in fact the family photo although you wouldn’t know it looking at this sneak peek family photo, we did get him smiling and laughing in the end. Kaylee says that Oliver tends to stay awake for sometimes up to an hour after having a feed, but we were lucky during the newborn session to be able to rock him off to sleep very shortly after his nice big feed.

Enjoy the sneak peek


Newborn photography Perth | Daniel

Meet baby Daniel on day 10.  He was very good throughout his newborn photo session but did wake up towards the end which allowed me to capture him with his beautiful eyes open.  He is such a lucky little boy, his parents, Rozana & Marius are absolutely besotted with him.  It was so nice seeing Marius with his treasured boy, he’s so confident and basically a ‘natural’ with his son.  I photographed these gorgeous new parents a short time ago for their pregnancy photos.  Congratulations to you both, enjoy your sneak peek.



Newborn photography Perth | Austin

Meet baby Austin on day 13,  what a cutie this little boy is, I could serious eat him all up 🙂 hehe!  He’s blessed with big juicy lips, long eye lashes and his skin is perfect.  Congratulations Kristie & Pete on your precious little boy.


Baby boy 13 days posing on dads arm wrapped

Newborn photography Perth | Evie

Meet Evie on day 14.   New parents Natalia and Nigel brought along with them Evie’s white hand made blanket and a little white bunny pictured in this top left image.  Evie is so gorgeous, a little gem throughout her session.  Enjoy the sneak peek.


newborn baby girl pose for photos

Newborn photographer Perth | Haley

Meet baby Haley on day 14.  She was very good, she did wake up toward the end of her session allowing me to get a photo of her with her eyes open which is so precious.  I love the eye open photos.  It was great to meet you Tanya & Andrew.


newborn girl with daddy pose photos Perth

Newborn photography Perth | Zarlia

Baby Zarlia is 12 days of age, she happens to be the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents so something tells me she’s going to get spoilt with love and attention.  Sharyn & Carl, it was great to meet you and congratulations on your precious baby girl.


newborn and parent photos perth

Newborn photography Perth | Boston

Boston was a very well behaved baby boy today during his newborn photo session,  apparently he made his parents work hard for a bit of sleep last night, which probably helped me out in the studio, he was lovely and sleepy.  His mum, Kym wanted an eye’s open photo and it proved difficult to wake him up, we resorted to getting him dressed at the end of the session for his eyes open photo.

newborn 11 days wrapped photos and posed

Newborn photography Perth | Lucian

New parents Janine and Daniel arrived at the studio with a couple of special things that they wanted incorporated in some photos where possible.  Gorgeous Lucian 11 days of age is laying on a special white knitted blanket and cuddling his special rabbit, both items bought in by his parents along with the big teddy in the nest photo.  It was lovely to meet you and your beautiful son.


11 day baby boy posing in props

Newborn photography Perth | Sebastian

Meet gorgeous Sebastian with his family.  Sebastian is the third baby boy for parents Monica & Joe.  Im proud to say Ive photographed all of their boys newborn sessions and cake smash sessions, and im sure I will see them back in a years time when Sebastian turns one.

newborn photos boy family posing Sebastian

Newborn photography Perth | Alycia

Baby Alycia is 8 days of age, she rocked her newborn photo session.  Alycia has four big sisters that love her dearly.  I first met this family when photographing their last baby girl.  Thank you Krystal & Eddie for coming to the studio, it was lovely to see you again.

Alycia baby girl newborn photo

Newborn photography Perth | Evie

New mum Colleen did not have high hopes of baby Evie sleeping at all during her newborn photo session, but she was pleasantly surprised at me being able to coerce her beautiful baby girl into sleep time.  Evie was perfect, she had a little bit of awake time so we could photograph those beautiful eyes also.  It was such a pleasure to meet you Colleen.


newborn baby studio photos 17 days Evie

Newborn Photographer Perth | Zac

Meet gorgeous Zac on day 18, this little one did not want to miss out on anything and thought it was best to stay awake for a while.  We managed to coax him off to sleep for while though which was great.  Congratulations Nova & Oscar on your sweet baby boy.  Enjoy your sneak peek.


newborn baby wrapped poses perth

Twins Newborn Photography Perth

Meet Myles and Aiden at 9 weeks of age, these gorgeous little boys are identical twins although baby Myles is quite a bit smaller than Aiden as Aiden was hogging a lot of the food : )    They are only just coming up to their official due date now, so they did spend quite some time in hospital.  Jacinta & Josh you have two amazing baby boys, congratulations! Enjoy your sneak peek.


beautiful twins baby photos

Newborn photography Perth | Myah

What a stunning baby girl Myah is with all of that amazing dark soft hair.  Rebecca & Jason have returned showing off their gorgeous girl,  they came in a few weeks ago for the maternity session which was a big surprise for Rebecca from her lovely hubby.  Click here to see some of their pregnancy photos.  Enjoy your sneak peek.


baby girl photos perth professional photography

Newborn photographer Perth | Twins

Meet twins Edward & Eliana at 9 days of age.  These two sweet babies were amazing, they were the easiest twins i’ve had, to date, and I put that down to them still being quite young. Usually I see twins when they are a little older as quite often they are in hospital longer.  What an amazing image of mum, Ardena with her babies, I had to add this one into the sneak peek.  View Ardena’s pregnancy photos here.  


newborn twins 9 days old professional photos perth

Newborn photographer Perth | Archer

This is Archer a week ago, at 3 weeks of age.  Archer was a baby model for me last Sunday,  I like to do some sort of training or workshop at least once a year just to keep on top of things.  With this ‘one on one’ I was working on perfecting a few things and Archer certainly made that achievable.  Sarah and family, thank you for your time, I’m sure you will love these images.


newborn wrapped and tushie pose

Newborn photography Perth | Sophia

Sophia is 11 days of age here and is absolutely gorgeous.  She rocked her newborn photo session, her mum Sarah came in a few weeks ago for her maternity photo session and then Sophia surprised her parents a week later by arrive early. Enjoy your sneak peek.


newborn  photos perth beautiful baby girl

Newborn photography Perth | Lincoln

Meet Lincoln on day 10.  Such a gorgeous little boy with the best spiky hair.  We struggled to keep him asleep in the second half of the session, he decided that session day would be his first unsettled day.  We won in the end!  Enjoy your sneak peek Lisa & Steve.



newborn baby photos perth

Newborn photographer Perth | Blake

Meet Blake on day 9, he was wide eyed for a lot of his newborn photo session, in the middle we managed to get him off to sleep for a while which was great, but look at those beautiful eyes – stunning!  Enjoy your sneak peek Tayla & John.


baby boy 9 days newborn photos perth