Family photography Perth | Mini session day

I recently held a mini session day, it went fantastic and ran very smoothly, here are some photos from one of the sessions we did on the day.  I have to give my husband a huge pat on the back, he gladly came along to lend a hand and he was amazing being the “funny man” for the arvo.  Here we have parents Natasha and Anton with their gorgeous boys Ethan & Deon.


Family photos in Perth beautiful outdoor location


Family photography Perth |Family Photos

Mum Christina contacted me wanting to have a photo session for her son Brendan, she wanted to include his favourite toys, as well as some family photos and some with Brendan’s grandparents.  After a couple of loads from car to the studio everything was ready and Brendan had a great time showing off his toys.  His favourite thing at the moment though funny enough is his yellow Batman t-shirt and once it was on, there was no way it was coming off again!  In a couple of family photos he let us put is blue shirt over the top.  It’s funny the things that kids get fascinated with!  But you just gotta work with it 🙂  and we got plenty of big smiles in the end!


studio family photos with grandparents



Family photographer Perth | Family photos

Meet baby Gia at 4 months with her family, Parents Himani & Kunal as well as her Uncle & grandparents.  It was great to have this family in the studio, we all had a good time.  Gia did very well, she did get a bit worn out by the end as I would expect with lots of adoring family members wanting photos with her, but she was a trooper.  Enjoy your sneak peek.


Family photos perth

Family photography Perth | beautiful family photos

Meet parents Shandelle & David with their beautiful girls 3.5 year old Chloe and 1.5 year old Poppy.  Both Poppy & Chloe were very much on the move throughout their photo session, poor Shandelle got a really good workout today.  It is all worth it though when you get some great family photos at the end of it.  It was lovely meeting you all today, enjoy your sneak peek.


studio family photos sibling photos perth

Family session | Family photography Perth

Meet 2.5 year old Sienna with her mum and dad Carla & Simon, they are expecting their second child and Sienna is very excited and is currently hoping for a sister but has to wait approximately 15 weeks or so to find out.  I first photographed Sienna for her 1 year cake smash last year and still is still as adorable as ever.  Enjoy your sneak peek.



Meet Ava at 9 months with her family | Baby & Family photography Perth

So good to see this gorgeous family again.  I photographed youngest boy, Riley’s 1 year cake smash then Rebecca when she was pregnant with Ava. I then photographed Ava as a newborn and now her 9 month session with her family included her oldest brother Benjamin.  Rebecca and Phil did a fantastic job selecting their clothing for the session, well done!  Enjoy your sneak peek



Happy Birthday Milla | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Milla has the most amazing baby blues! she loved eating her cake but she was not keen on getting the frosting on her hands.  Milla parents, Megan & Allan thought it would be a great time to update their family photos as well and added the mini family session.  Milla’s big brother, Nash who’s almost 4 years old was very good having some photos with his baby sister.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


Milla1 Milla2


Mitchell turns one | Cake Smash Photos Perth

Happy birthday to the gorgeous little Mitchell whom turned one earlier this month.  Mitchell’s parent’s Claire & Aaron thought they would update their family photos as well as celebrating Mitchell’s 1st birthday.  By tagging on the mini family session onto the cake smash we not only captured beautiful cake smash & family photos but also some sibling photos with Mitchell’s big brother, Lachlan who’s 7 year old.  It was great to have you all in the studio this morning, I hope you like your sneak peek.



Family photo session | Perth family photographer

This lovely family came to the studio earlier today for their family photo session which was a birthday gift to Cassie.  Luke is 2 years old and was always going to be the most difficult due to his age but he did really well, he made sure we knew once he’d had enough.  Cassie & Tom, it was great to meet you as well as Katie, Gavin & your beautiful children Asha & Luke.



Meet Kylie, Bevan & their girls | Family Photography

Yesterday I had the pleasure in photographing my sister-in-laws sister, Kylie with her husband Bevan and two gorgeous girls, Nevaeh & Taharna.  They live in Albany but were visiting family during the school holidays and we managed to squeeze in this session.  Kylie, you did an amazing job selecting your clothing for the session, well done.  It was lovely catching up again, I hope you like your sneak peek.



Family photo session | Family photographer Perth

I had such a fun time with this family.  Meet Parents Amelia & Riaan and their girls, Anikah 11 & Karla 7.  Karla was such a giggle pot and probably one of the easiest 7 years olds I’ve photographed, and Anikah, well look at her smile!  Thank you for visiting the studio for your first family photo session, it was lovely to meet you.


Kerry Baker Photography | Family Photographer Perth



Family session | Family photographer Perth

Meet parents Karen & Raymond with their gorgeous daughters 5 year old Ellie and 4 year old Melita.  These girls were so so so well behaved today and they seemed to have a great time together whilst in the studio.  Karen is planning on using some photos for some great christmas gifts,  what a great idea.


Family photo’s | Graduation Photographer Perth

This family has something huge to celebrate and that is Minou has graduated from Curtin University as a Doctor – Well done Minou thats a huge achievement.  Her parents are visiting to join in the celebrations and what a great chance to update the family photo’s.  They have also put a lot of thought into their clothing and they all look fantastic for both their studio and outdoor session.


Family photography | Family photographer Perth

Meet Parents Angie & Simon with their 3 children, Mercedes, Shawn & Maddison and of course the family pet dog Ellie.  Ellie was such a good dog and loved the camera,  when she wasn’t required in the photo she would stand in front of her family thinking she was in the photo’s.  Thank you to you all for travelling to the studio this afternoon,  It was lovely to meet you.


Meet 2 year old Neel | Kids Photographer Perth

Neel’s parents wanted some great images of Neel to take back to India with them for their holiday to show family and friends,  Neel’s mum Vidyurlatha had a lot of clothes changes, some traditional clothing and some casual and Neel did a great job and let his mum change his clothes numerous times which a lot of children would have objected to.  We did some studio photo’s then went to my great outdoor location and took some more.  It was lovely to meet the three of you and I look forward to seeing you again.


Lewis’ Cake Smash | Smash the Cake Photography Perth

Meet 1 year old Lewis, his big sister Sophia and his parents Laura & Shaun.  They visited the studio for family photo’s and lewis’ cake smash.  I actually went to school with Laura many moons ago, so it was nice to catch up with her again.  Well Lewis, OMG did he looovvveeee his cake or what?  He made us all laugh while he was almost shovelling cake into his mouth meanwhile Laura’s picturing the afternoon with a caked up child!  We did manage to drag him away from the cake but he wasn’t happy about it.  Laura & Shaun, your children are totally adorable, thank you  for visiting the studio and sharing them with me.


Family Photography | Perth Family Photographer

Meet 11 month old Aisha and her parents Rosemary & Daudi who came to the studio for their family photo session recently.   They actually had two sessions as the first time they came, it was bad timing as it coincided with Aisha’s nap time and she definitely needed a nap that day, so they came back the follow week straight after her nap and she was a different little girl.  It was lovely to meet the three of you, Here’s a sneak peek.


Jaslyn’s Cake Smash | Cake Smash Photography Perth

Jaslyn’s parents, Monita & Shane brought Jassie to the studio for a cake smash session for her 1st birthday,  they also had a mini family session as well before we brought the cake out.  Monita organised the session to allow enough time to be able to arrange a large poster of Jassie and her cake smash collage for her birthday party.  Here’s a look at some of their photo’s.