Family Photo Session | Perth Family Photographer

Meet parents, Donna & Warren with their two daughters, Lauren & Becky and also the girls boyfriends, Tom and Jack.  This was such a fun family photo session for all involved.  This was a gift organised by Tom as something special for his girlfriend (Lauren’s) parents.  Tom & Lauren have recently left Perth and moved to the U.K.  It was lovely meeting you all, here’s your sneak peek!


Meet Max at 9 weeks | Perth Baby Photographer

Meet 9 week old Max, big brother Luca and parents Donna & Mauro.  This session was a special one as I use to go to school with Donna (seems like such a long time ago, actually it was lol!)  Donna has been following my work on Facebook, but this is the first time we’ve seen each other since high school and it was great to catch up.  You have such a nice family Donna, I know you are very proud of your boys and you should be, they are terrific!



Jodie’s Family | Family Studio Portraits Perth

This family have travelled all the way from Dongara to see off eldest daughter Shonoa, who is flying out to Europe for a couple of years.   Mum Jodie, thought it would be a terrific idea to sneak in a family photo session a few hours before preparing to head to the airport.  Hope your having a great time Shonoa, Enjoy the sneak peek.




A Mother’s Birthday gift | Outdoor Family Photography

Meet Pat, Fred and their three daughters with their families.  This session was a gift from the girls for their mum, Pat’s birthday.  It was a stinking hot day (the day of the Christmas pageant) but trying to get all families together at the same time proved a little hard for Pat, but got there in the end.  It was lovely meeting you all,  Happy Birthday Pat,  Enjoy….



Ian, Annette & Family Photo Session | Perth Photographer

Meet Annette & Ian and their three children, Douglas, Stevi & Rowan. The first time I met this family was approximately 8 years ago when a close friend and I were travelling Europe. We stayed with Annette’s parents for three months or so whilst working in Scotland. Quite a while ago now Annette & Ian moved to Perth, Annette contacted me recently to arrange a photo session and this is the first time I’ve seen them since leaving Scotland. I am still trying to get over how grown up their children are now. It was nice seeing all of you again. Here’s a sneak peek from the session.



Children’s Photo Session | Kids Photography Perth

This was a fun but at times challenging photo session with three kids & one 5 week old baby girl. The eldest 9 year old Taylor & his brother 4 year old Copeland were great, It was the boy’s cousin all the way from Scotland, 2 year old Lola that made me work! She was adorable but was not keen on sitting still, I decided to put her in the half wine barrel and that stopped her long enough to get some great images. 5 week old McKenzie was so good, she didn’t sleep but that didn’t matter to much because she did what we wanted and was quite content throughout the session. Here’s a preview..



Meet 4-month old Charlie | Baby Photography Perth

This little boy Charlie was such a sweetheart, always smiling and giggling and rarely took his eyes off mum and dad, Renee and Clark. Charlie is 4 months old, this is a great age to capture some special baby & family photo’s, babies are usually lively and interested in what’s happening around them. It’s also quite easy to get them smiling and giggling which always makes a great photo. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the images from this family photo session.



11-month old Ivy | Family Photography Perth

This gorgeous family, Anna, John and their 11 month old daughter Ivy came to my studio for their first family photo session. We started by taking a few photo’s at the local park in between the rain showers and although Ivy wasn’t the happiest whilst we were there, as soon as we got back into the studio she came alive especially with a few different props that kept her interested and happy. Such a sweet, joyful little girl! Enjoy the sneak peek…



Baby Molly & Family | Family Photography Perth

This beautiful family came into the studio knowing exactly what they wanted for their images. With their eldest two children, 6 year old Eloise & 3 1/2 year old Molly they had a photo session done when each of the girls were young and wanted similar images done with 6 week old Isabelle. They bought some photo’s in with them that they wanted to recreate and this made the session very easy as I knew exactly what they wanted. These happy girls seemed to love being in front of the camera and it certainly shows in their images.



Bill & His Grandchildren | Perfect Gift for Perth Grandparents

Bill’s daughters bought him a wonderful gift, a photo session with his six grandchildren. This was extra special as not all of Bill’s grandchildren live in Perth, so since they were on holiday and all staying under the one roof, what a perfect opportunity to capture some great images. Bills grandchildren range in age from 1 month to 12 years old (all but one being under 6). This was quite challenging for us trying to keep the children where we wanted them plus trying to keep them happy as well (it was near impossible) but we did manage to get some nice pictures of them.



Lisa, Jason & Family Photo Session | Studio Session In Your Home

On Saturday I was invited to photograph this family of four. Lisa & Jason with their two children 8 year old Kiara & 18 month old Abby. This was such a fun family, gorgeous Abby was very happy when I arrived and wanted to show me some older photo’s of her which were hanging up on the walls (very cute!). Unfortunately though when it was time to take some photo’s of her beautiful smile she wasn’t interested. We had to pull out a few tricks which seamed to work nicely. Thank you Lisa for inviting me to your home to photograph your family! Here’s the sneak peek!



Melody & Family Photo Session | Perth Family Photo’s

I was lucky to be able to spend some time with Melody and her family. Melody had a special request, a ‘feet’ photo, she wanted a photo of all of their feet to be able to blow up as a panoramic photo for the wall. What a fantastic idea, although was a little challenging trying to get four children to sit still but with a little (or a lot) of help from my editing suite, we ended up with a great result which you can view below.



Outdoor Family Session | Perth Family Beach Photography

What a fun and enjoyable photo session this was. It was a birthday gift for mum from her son, daughter and son-in-law, and what a fantastic gift! As you can see from this images they are a fun and outgoing family who were willing to try anything, it paid off because they now have this great memories. It was great to meet you all and I hope you love this images as much as me.




Emily’s Photo Session | Children’s Photographer Perth

I recently did a cake smash session for my beautiful niece Emily, we also did a little fashion shoot prior to bringing out the giant cupcake. Emily’s mum, Claire & Grandmother Sue, has kept a lot of gorgeous old dresses that Claire wore when she was Emily’s age. These dresses are very special to Claire and hopes to have them passed them down the generations, not to be worn necessarily, but just as keep sakes. We thought it would be a great idea to photograph Emily wearing these before she gets to big and no longer fits into them.



Riki, Darren & Girls | Family Photography Perth

A big thanks to Riki, Darren & their two beautiful girls. Riki was very prepared and had a few different outfits for the girls to change into, this is great for mixing it up and having different looks. All the outfit’s that Riki choose complimented each other to a tee. I love the beautiful vibrant colours Riki, Well done!



Meg, Mark & Girls | Perth Family Photographer

It was a great pleasure today to be able to photograph my brother, his wife & their two gorgeous girls Tayla & Amani. We spent some time outside under the shade of large tree, before heading inside and doing some studio look photo’s. A few days ago Meg had an unfortunate experience whilst having her eyebrows Threaded, (the new form of eyebrow waxing) and was left with one bright red eye. So editing the photo’s where this was noticeable took slightly longer then the norm, but I’m really happy with the results. Here is the sneak peek!



Kye’s Photo Session | Kids Photographer Perth

Kye is a very cute 3 year old boy who was very camera shy. His mum Vanessa came to the studio for the photo shoot, but on this occasion it may have been better for me to have gone to their home, where Kye would have felt a lot more comfortable. Even with this problem we still managed to capture a few gorgeous smiles. Vanessa said she prefers photo’s of Kye doing a more serious pose anyway, so she has plenty of those. Thank you both for coming. Hope you like the sneak peek!



Bec, James & Kids | Family Photographer Perth

I was invited to Bec & James’ home today where I was able to take photo’s of them & their beautiful children Emily & Solomon. The very active Solomon certainly made me work for a good photo of him today, I had a giggle when he decided to do a little dance whilst sitting on a big black fluffy pillow (what a cutie, with those big blue eyes!). I was very pleased with Emily as well especially the solo portrait photo’s, she is very photogenic. Bec & James chose the denim bottoms & white tops look for their family session today & they looked fantastic, the colours complimented each other very well. Thanks guys for inviting into your home.



Jem, Steve & Jackson | Family Portrait Photographer Perth

Jem, Steve & Jackson welcomed me into their home today. One of Jackson’s favourite things at the moment is his toy story doll – Woody, so we popped him into a few photo’s just so Jackson can be reminded of him, in the years to come. Jackson was an absolute cutie, it was a great pleasure to photograph this beautiful family. Thank you guys for the opportunity!



Sally, Mike & Family | Children’s Portrait Photographer Perth

Spent some time with Sally, Mike & their 3 fantastic kids Poppy, Lucinda (aka Lulu) and Finn. We meet at Mullaloo beach on a beautiful hot and very sunny day. It was a great time of day and the water was that wonderful very inviting turquoise colour, being 2 o’clock in the afternoon it was not the best time for photo’s but it was the best time for this very busy family with Lulu’s dance concert on the same day. Thank you Sally and Mike for allowing me to photograph your terriffic family, I had a great time.