Maternity Session Guide

Congratulations to you!!! Thank you for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your beautiful pregnant self. I am truly honoured to be able to capture this incredible time in your life and I look forward to getting to know you.

This maternity session guide will help you prepare for your session.


Your maternity session will take up to 1.5 hours.


I highly recommend professional makeup and hair. This will help you feel beautiful and confident at your session. However if it’s not in the budget, your going-out-on-a-hot-date makeup and hair is fine too. Tip, natural looking fake lashes can really flatter your eyes.

I do have some dresses that you can choose from to wear and fabrics for wrapping & draping and free flowing.


Please bring nude or white coloured panties & bra (strapless & lacy preferably). And the same again in black.
If you have black or white boob tubes, bring them along too. If you have any specific clothing you’d like to be photographed in please bring it along for example: lingerie, a dress or a button up shirt.


Bring two shirts/tops – one white and the other in black, they need to be plain and free from logo’s. If you are comfortable you can take your shirt off for some photos with your beautiful partner if you wish.


If you are bringing children, consider dressing boys in jeans/shorts and a plain light/neutral top that is free from logos.
Girls can be dressed in a skirt/shorts etc and a light/neutral top or a nice light/neutral coloured dress.


I am very happy to be able to offer you a carefully selected range of stunning custom frames. I am so excited about my range of frames, which you will be able to view in my studio. All of the frames I provide are custom made.