Gosh,  look at baby Raven, she’s adorable!  Little Raven is from the suburb of Sinagra, hence the title Newborn photography Sinagra.  It was lucky for Raven’s parents that they didn’t have to travel very far at all – basically, the next suburb as the studio location is Tapping.  But whether you travel for 5 minutes or for 60 minutes to get to the studio, it is well worth the lifetime of special memories that I capture for you.

mum and dad with baby professional photo in studio black backdrop

Newborn photography Sinagra – Raven

Certainly looking adorable with Mummy and Daddy too…  I love photographing parents on the black backdrop whilst wearing black clothing.  Its timeless, pleasing to a self-conscious new mummy and the eye is drawn to baby and faces – beautiful!!

Every now and then parents tell me they don’t want to have photos with their baby, the reason usually being that they feel that they look a bit like a zombie being quite sleep-deprived, and the other reason is that they don’t like themselves in photos.  Once I explain the benefits of having photos taken with their baby most agree and do have photos with baby.  Funny enough its usually the parents that didn’t want photos with their baby that love those ones the most haha, I think they truly didn’t think they would look so good in a photo.

I share some of those benefits here in this blog post.

newborn baby's huge smile whilst having a newborn photo session

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Our studio is in the northern suburbs of Perth, Tapping (near Joondalup)