Cake Smash photographer Perth | Isabella

Look at this happy care free baby girl.  She 11 months in these photos and very cleverly standing.  This cake smash is photographed on the white backdrop with gold foil streamers, balloons, pin wheels and pom poms.

Newborn photography Perth | Nabeel

Nabeel visited the studio with his family recently, his big brother Athareza who’s 4 had some lovely cuddles with him.  This family is originally from Indonesia and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them in my newborn studio.


Perth Family photography | Family photos

Beth and her daughter 4 month old Charlie came all the way from Adelaide to visit Beth’s mum for a special birthday surprise and also wanted to have a photo session to capture the three generations of women in their family.  Happy Birthday Sandy,  hope you had a great time.


Newborn photography Perth | Mia

Meet Mia, These adorable baby girl came along with her family, 3 sisters and mum and dad,  she is very much loved!



Maternity photography Perth | Phoebe

All I can say is wow, wow, wow!  Just take a look at beautiful pregnant mummy-to-be Phoebe and her very proud husband Tony, and when I say proud, I mean p.r.o.u.d!  This lovely couple are expecting their baby princess in 4 weeks time and boy-o-boy I can not wait to meet her!  It was lovely having you both in the studio this morning and I hope you have an amazing time at your baby shower this afternoon.


Cake Smash photography Perth | Ezra

Baby Ezra came for his cake smash session on his 1st birthday, it was so good to meet this little boy, he’s adorable! Prior to the session his mum, Tina told me he’s “clingy and scared of people he doesn’t know” this is not uncommon for one year olds. With shy babies I grab my toy box and we sit on the floor and play, before I attempted any photos. This gives babies a chance to get use to me, once they are happy to venture away from their mum, I know we are good to start the session. Ezra got use to his new surroundings nicely and loved playing with the balloons but wasn’t interested in the cake much. He LOVED the bath though, and he a great time splashing about:) take a look at some of his photos. Ezra is dairy intolerant so his mum brought a specially made cake along for him.


Newborn photography Perth | Scarlett 9 days

This wonderful family arrived at the studio for the third time in four years, it was great to see them once again.  Parents Lisa & David first welcomed baby Ruben who’s just turned 4.  Two years later (almost to the day) they welcomed baby Oliver and now two years later the beautiful baby Scarlett.  All three children’s birthdays are within 2.5 weeks of each other, thats going to make for a very expensive time of year:)   Welcome to the world sweet baby Scarlett, Scarlett was not interested in sleeping today, we had a few brief spots of very light sleep which we really worked hard for.  At home she has quite a bit of awake time during the day and sleep mainly when being cuddled.  But luckily for her parents, she’s doing well with her night time sleeps.


Baby photography Perth | 3 month baby session

Sweet baby Malaika is 3 months of age.  She has the most amazing big beautiful eyes and juicy lips:)  Malaika was quite active during her baby photos, her mum would have liked a sleepy photo but Malaika did not want a bar of that, choosing instead to be wide awake.  She was very interested to know what was going on around her.   Its always going to be a struggle getting sleepy photos from a 3 month old baby, but in saying that, it really depends on each individual baby.