Perth Photography Services – Session Information

Comfortable & welcoming is how I best describe my photo studio, just a short 20 minute drive north of Perth city in Tapping.  My studio is tailored to suit newborn babies, their sibling/s and parents, because, lets face it, although you’re going through an amazing time it’s also a very tiring time, so I want to look after you whilst you’re here.

Newborn Photography Perth

Don’t let time slip away with the visual memories of your baby!  book my newborn photo session so I can create amazing images for you – let’s freeze time:)

During the session most of my time goes into preparing your baby, I will watch and learn about them, get a feel for what they like as they don’t all like the same settling techniques & posing positions. Whilst you’re in my studio, other than baby’s feed time, I like to comfort & settle your baby.  Become in tune with them and then once we’re set, I will pick up my camera and capture their beautiful sleeping selves.

Newborn photo session’s are best when your baby is between 5-14 days of age (with my preferred days being 7-10).  At this time they are still very sleepy & flexible which is important to achieve all those gorgeous newborn baby poses.    Newborn session’s take 2-4 hours and I recommend booking whilst you are still pregnant.  Once you book a session you will receive a welcome and information pack via email, this will contain all the details you need to make this as easy & relaxed as possible.

My studio is dedicated to welcoming newborn babies and their family.  You can relax and get comfy on the couch, watch a bit of t.v, read a mag, watch me for some settling tips or all three at the same time:)

Cake Smash Photography Perth

Okay, so your baby is almost one, has this year been amazing?  Did you discover a different kind of love, a love that only your child can bring out of you?  I know you’ve witnessed some amazing things since your baby was born as they grow so so much in this first year.  A child’s first birthday is pretty special and a great way to celebrate hard is with an amazing cake smash.

These session’s take approximately 1 hour, and will take place in my studio.   I will take some ‘clean’ photo’s of your child before the cake comes out and pop them in the tub at the end and photograph them splashing about in there also.  Cake smash include background decorations and an awesome 3 tier vanilla cake topped with frosting in a colour of your choice.  Let’s connect and get you booked in!

Baby/Family Session’s

Baby photo sessions & Family photo sessions take 1-1.5 hours.  Once you book a session with me, I will ask you a lot of questions about your baby / children / family so I can get to know you before you arrive.  I want to be sure I supply you with the type of images you envisage of your family.  Whether it be formal, candid or a mixture of both.  I will also give you lots of help on clothing idea’s, what to bring along and what to expect to ensure stunning images of your family to display with pride around your home.


Maternity Session’s

These session’s take 1 hour and are best done between 32-37 weeks.  I’d like to wait long enough for you to have a decent sized baby bump, but not too close to delivery day where you are too uncomfortable and, well, can give birth any day:)   I have a variety of different materials to use during your session and I fully encourage partners and/or children to join in.