We’re Pregnant! 5 Creative ways to announce your Pregnancy

Happy woman with pregnancy testWhen you have been trying to fall pregnant for a while, you get so excited when it finally happens that you want to let the whole world know right away.

You’ve often thought about a newborn baby photoshoot especially when you see your friends baby photos popping up on your facebook newsfeed, and now you’re about to live this dream.

But then again, you know you can’t go telling everyone. At least not yet… So, when is it the right time to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?

The first trimester is usually a little shaky for most mothers-to-be. You just missed your period, you excitedly took a pregnancy test at home that turned out positive, but you still want a third opinion from your doctor.

You may want to have the first ultrasound before 12 weeks to know the baby’s due date and size and to confirm that they are indeed growing in your tummy. Milestone 1!

Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctorReaching the 12 week mark is when the majority of couples tell their special news to loved ones and friends.

The second ultrasound, is usually done between weeks 16 and 20, this is the most important for most parents-to-be as it reveals more details, including little one’s gender.

If you haven’t already announced your news then, now would be the perfect time to announce your pregnancy if your friends and family haven’t already noticed.

I strongly recommend you take a monthly pregnancy photo of yourself, these are great to look back on and be able to see your growing belly change as the months go by.


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Woman with different stages of pregnancy



The Reveal

This is the fun and exciting bit and here are a few fun ways to reveal your special news to your family and friends.

Pregnant couple holding baby booties

1)  A special photo

There are some great photo ideas on google with parents to be announcing ‘were pregnant’.

Take a photo of you both holding baby booties in front of your belly. Or a little chalk board sign saying ‘baby Baker due 15 January’.

Or you both holding the ultrasound picture with a cute one liner like ‘when two become three’ etc.

Pregnant couple holding ultrasound photo

2)  Treats at Work with a cute Message

If you work with a group of people, they become family, and you certainly want to share your joy with them. How about getting a pack of donuts or cupcakes with a cute message like, “Eat up, friends! Mommy isn’t getting a belly alone.”

Some of your colleagues may take a second to get the meaning, but once they do, you’ll receive a ton of congratulatory messages and maybe even cool maternity photography ideas.

3)  Grandpa and Grandma Starter Kits

Most parents are always itching for grandchildren to spoil, so how about sending them a pleasant surprise that will have them counting days until the little one is here?

Deliver in person a package with a feeding bottle, little onesies, and maybe a few nappies for when they babysit. The looks on their faces, once they open the package, will be priceless.

4)  Take a Photo of your Fur Baby

Pets are our first babies, and it is only fair that they are included in the pregnancy photo announcement, right?

It will take some level of patience to capture the ideal image – because you can’t really put pets and co-operation in the same sentence – but the idea is to place a parenting guide or a small chalk board in front of your dog, reading:

“Im going to be a big brother/sister soon”


“mum and dad are getting a new human for me to play with”

Funnier if you can Photoshop reading glasses on your dog.

Pregnant lady and dog with baby bump

5)  Funny T’s

Get yourself a colourful t-shirt that has a funny message or even a fun drawing like a baby peeking out.:

A pregnant woman in a funny shirt, looking down.

  • “Baby downloading”
  • “Baby on board”
  • “I’m eating for two”
  • “What the bump wants, the bump gets”
  • “Daddy did it”
  • “This is my last one, seriously!!!”
  • “The baby made me eat it”
  • “Oops, we did it AGAIN”
  • “Does this shirt make me look pregnant”
  • “It’s all fun and games until someone gets pregnant”
  • “Spoiler alert: I’m pregnant”
  • “I just wanted a back rub”
  • “Is it nine months yet”

Eternalise the Journey

There’s so many great ideas online of different ways to announce your pregnancy, whichever way you decide to go, do not forget to capture your pregnancy journey through photography.

Find a photographer for maternity photos near you to show each of your unborn baby’s milestones.

Otherwise one main maternity photo session somewhere between weeks 33 – 37, at this stage your belly is a nice size for photos but you’re not to uncomfortable yet.


To enquire about your very own maternity photo session, please contact Kerry or click to call below.

Mobile: 042 11 22 961